Telemedicine Solutions and 12-Lead Cardiac remote monitoring for
Patients and Medical Professionals

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1-Stop solution

We provide a full solution for Telemedicine remote monitoring consisting of high quality, user friendly ECG monitors, our proven ECG software “HRS” and all component required to make up a complete working solution.

12-lead ECG monitors

Our ECG monitors for patients are the most easy to use in the industry. The user friendly design and the voice-assistance of the HeartView P12/8 Mobile create an exceptionally easy to use device allowing anybody to record a hospital-grade ECG.

Flexibility and support

We take great pride in our ability to assist our customers to create solution that fits their needs. Rely on our team to provide assistance for creating the solution from planning through integration and to operation.

Our Featured Products

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HeartView 12L

Hand-held 12-Lead ECG for use by Medical Professionals

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HeartView P12/8i

Bluetooth enabled for Patients andMedical
Professionals looking for exceptional ease-of-use

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HeartView P12/8 Mobile

Home monitoring 12-lead ECG with
cellular modem and voice-assistance

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Welcome to Aerotel's World of

Telemedicine and ECG Monitoring


Our patient monitoring systems consist of medical call center software and compact, reliable, digital monitoring devices with transtelephonic backup, that effectively transfer vital medical or lifestyle data over the Internet , the telephone, or wireless networks.

Latest News

Aertotel/IMS ECG solution for Hungary's OMSZ Ambulance fleet is huge success

IMS-International Medical Services, of Hungary, successfylly completed a nation wide project of equipping the national ambulance service, OMSZ, cars with Aerotel ECG recorders.

Aerotel at Medica 2019

Aerotel Medical Systemsa pioneer and leading global vendor of advanced Remote Patient Monitoring solutions, will showcase it's full range of remote monitoring patient and professional ECG recorders at Medica 2019  on November 18–21, 2019 in Dusseldorf, Germany. Meet us at Halle 9 C01

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